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2011-10-13 12:08:09
Demonstration server will be off-line whilst server is upgraded

** Server upgrade now complete, follow up post below this one **

Hi all,

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we will be taking the OpenQuote demonstrations offline whilst we upgrade the demo server.
The demonstration menu item on this website will be temporarily removed whilst this work is carried out to try and avoid any confusion. 

This server outage will also affect the openquote4joomlaopenquote4joomla and openquote4wordpress websites.

Once the new server is available normal service will resume.

In the meantime, if you urgently require access to a demonstration product, please let us know via the contact menu on this site and we will endeavour to assist.

The OpenQuote Team

2009-09-17 22:19:15
Forum has been upgrade to Agora 3.0.06

Hi All!

We have now upgraded these forums from Agora 2.5 to Agora 3.0.

Many new features have been introduced which can be read about here:

If you have any questions about, or issues with the new forum, please let the OpenQuote team know as soon as possible. 

Many thanks
The OpenQuote Team

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