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Openunderwriter Integration.

Openunderwriter Integration.

I have successfully installed opneunderwriter and have modified the lifeplus product and have a basic understanding how it works. I have an upcoming project that has the following high level requirements

1. Ask an initial set of questions to the customer.
2. Determine the class of product that is suitable to the customer - Provide recommendations. (Final Expense, Simplified Term, Fully Underwritten etc)
3. Based on the class of product chosen, Ask a subsequent set of "Under writing" Questions. Based on the answers to the questions determine the "Health Classification" for multiple Carriers  - (Note we do want to provide a quote Yet - We just have the ability to determine the Health classification). The health classifications are then used to call a third party service/carriers services who then  provide the actual quotes.
4. The customer is presented with the quotes - He picks one and then the sales process continues as usual.

Here is my thinking:

1. for #1 and #2, Openunderwriter is not suitable. This will implemented using a "Recommendation engine".
2. For #3, I wanted to know if I could leverage OpenUnderwriter: I understand that OpenUnderwriter does not support Multiple quotes - Based on your response to  a different question-  I can use the Sections and have a separate section for each carrier having their own rating assessment sheet leveraging the same set of questions and answers.  ( ) .

Here is my question -

1. Is it possible to develop my own UI using the Product XML and then post the Questions and answers to OpenUnderwriter and get Assessment and quotes as XML. In other words I do not want to use OpenUnderwriter User interface - I want to integrate it with my application.

2. Since I do not want want actual premiums to be returned and just want "Health Classifications" - I suspect that I would have to use referrals - Each referral text will provide the Health classification. Please confirm if there is a better way to do this?



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Re: Openunderwriter Integration.

Hi Sanjeev,

Many thanks for your question. Probably the most direct route for you to integrate with OpenUnderwriter is via WSRP. This approach has been used successfully in the past and has the advantage of giving you complete control of the UI but still leverage all of OpenUnderwriter's core features. In terms of integration technologies, that is the one I would suggest.

There are many ways to shape the overall integration of course, and you understand your requirements best, but it would be absolutely possible (and potentially desirable) to use OpenUnderwriter for #1 and #2 as well. This would give you a seamless process. Essentially, the initial questions would be asked and then the product would execute a rule set specific to selecting the class of product. Once the rules return the process would branch and, depending on the class of product, present the appropriate questions. Then you can run a second set of rules to determine the health classification.

As you don't really want to create quotations as such, it might be simpler to implement a rule set specifically for determining the health classification and not use the quotation service. That said, the quotation service records it's decisions in a way which may be useful for tractability and auditing and it is certainly a valid way to use it.


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Re: Openunderwriter Integration.

Thanks Dick! 

Is there any documentation or example that show how to use WSRP for integration.I checked open quote plugin  for Joomla but in that code - the HTML is displayed - as is. I would like to use more responsive user controls like sliders etc for some questions. How would I do that?

Also,  Can you direct  me to an example that shows me how to ask initial set of questions that selects an product class and then branch to present  questions related to that product class? Also , if more than one product classes are eligible, can  we display the choices and let the prospective customer chose the product class?


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Re: Openunderwriter Integration.

The Joomla WSRP component (as well as the WordPress one) are designed to work with an older version of OpenUnderwriter and the Alfresco content management system.  The new OpenUnderwriter uses Liferay, but at the moment the Joomla and Wordpress components still need upgrading to support that.  However, if you take a look at this JIRA ( you will see a working PHP example for the latest build ofOpenUnderwriter.

To change the html, you may actually be better off overriding the velocity templates defined in OpenUnderwriter's base product, by creating new ones in your product that output the HTML you require.

Finally, some of the demo products have branching question sets and multiple sections, the TradePL product for example, which will demonstrate how you can offer different types and levels of coverage to different proposers, such as Public Liability with optional Professional Indemnity.

I hope that helps.


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