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These community forums are available for anyone to use, however we ask you to please follow a few simple rules:

Posting Questions
Before posting a new question, please use the forum search facility to see if the subject matter has already been discussed. If the question has not been covered previously, please post the new question in the appropriate forum. If the subject matter has been discussed but has not been satisfactorily answered, please add your question to the end of the most suitable thread.

Solved Posts
When your problem is fixed please thank those who have helped, and if you solve a problem yourself, please post a response to your question detailing how you fixed it as this may help others in the future.

Post Content, Signatures and Avatars
Typically the forum administrators will not censor content, however they retain the right to remove posts that contain offensive language, material or links. Content that contains advertising, spamming, flooding, flaming, discrimination, racism, insults, etc. is not allowed. Links to any site that contains copyrighted software or materials that can be downloaded illegally will be removed. And finally the forum should not be used to promote ideological, religious or political matters.

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