OpenUnderwriter 3.0EA1

3.0's first Early Access release is ready for download.

The OpenUnderwriter team are excited to announce the availability of OpenUnderwriter 3.0EA1.

We make early access releases as new features are added in the run up to the next full release. If you want to try the new features or if you are developing features/products for 3.0, then this is the release for you. If you are looking for a stable production-ready release, then we recommend that you stay with 2.2 for now.

The release page gives a full list of what's included in this release, but the headline features that we're most excited about include: big improvements to the Policy tab to include more information and processes; the addition of referral handling support; a major performance boost to PageFlows through the use of AJAX giving a much smoother user experience; an upgrade to Java 7 and the addition of HTML 5 support.  

The release is available for download from our download page. We hope you enjoy it!

About the Author

OpenUnderwriter Founding Director

Richard Anderson

Richard is a founder of OpenUnderwriter and has over 20 years’ experience as a software architect and lead engineer, specialising in Insurance solutions. Prior to that he was working on real-time defence and civil aviation systems. He has delivered innovative insurance solutions for companies such as Catlin and Web-X. Richard has been the driving force behind the architecture of the OpenUnderwriter suite of products. Richard is a passionate advocate of open source software and is an active member of the open source community.



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