OpenUnderwriter 2.1 – Whats New…

The OpenUnderwriter team is really proud to announce the release of OpenUnderwriter 2.1.

Following on from the success of version 2.0 earlier this year, this latest release further refines and expands the software's feature set. The focus, as always, is delivering innovative software that allows Insurance organisations to deliver results and quickly and efficiently.

Here is a summary of the major enhancements.

Improved Mobile Support

Using OpenUnderwriter on mobile devices has just got even better for both you and your customers. The UI on iPad, iPhone and Android devices is now much slicker, and an improved responsive presentation layer allows OpenUnderwriter to dynamically scale to best fit the device being used. There is even a great built in test tool so you can see how different mobile devices will handle the insurance products you release.

Mobile Testing
Improved mobile support

Dashboard and Reporting

We are now utilising the power of BIRT in OpenUnderwriter to provide powerful and flexible reporting. Designed to create data visualizations and reports, BIRT is an open source platform from IBM and Actuate that is widely used in the insurance industry.

New Management Information widgets can be placed on user dashboards, and flexible Bordereau reporting can be presented directly in your browser or exported to a wide variety of formats, allowing you and your colleagues to keep track of how your business is performing.

Bordereau Reporting
Flexible bordereau reporting

User Dashboard
Management Information and Dashboard

LifeRay 6.2 and New Presentation Themes

OpenUnderwriter 2.1 has adopted the very latest version of LifeRay, providing an even better looking, secure and user friendly back office environment.

PayPal Support

Support for PayPal has been added, so premium payments can now be collected using PayPal, either for simple credit and debit card transactions, or from customers own PayPal accounts.

PayPal Support
PayPal support

Enhanced User and Organisation Hierarchy Administration

OpenUnderwriter’s improved user and organisation administration makes it easy to configure any insurance business setup. Sub-organisations with their own users can be supported, allowing insurers to support networks of brokers and agents within the system.

Organisation Administration
PayPal support

Template Driven User Interface

All user interface elements are now driven by Velocity templates, which when combined with OpenUnderwriters inheritance driven product design, means any aspect of a product’s delivery (e.g. proposal form) can be tailored to fit the needs an individual product.

New and Enhanced Document Generation

In OpenUnderwriter 2.1 support for different document types has been extended. The system now generates certificates, wordings, and invoices, and like all product features, document definitions benefit from product inheritance, meaning each product need only define the ways in which it differs from its parent.

Certificate Generation
Extended document types

Configurable Workflow Triggers

Business processes associated with insurance products can now be configured to conditionally trigger workflows at any point. One of the benefits this brings is to allow referrals generated during the quotation process to trigger workflows, making it easier for the business to manage and monitor their progress.

Referrals Workflow
Referral workflows

Feature Rich Example Products and Help

To help your business get up and running, this latest release includes new and improved integrated help pages, plus a fully featured example broker complete with website, online quotation provision and back end users.

Built In Help
Improved help

Feature Rich Examples
Feature rich examples

Many more improvements to all areas of the system are delivered in OpenUnderwriter 2.1, including presentation, user friendliness, performance, security, stability and feature set. These improvements are all part of the continued evolution of the software, for the download and complete release notes please visit

About the Author

OpenUnderwriter Founding Director

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Matthew is a founder of OpenUnderwriter and has over 20 years’ experience working in the Insurance sector. He has extensive experience in delivering complex solutions in both general and commercial lines for Lloyds and London markets working with companies such as Talbot Underwriter, Brit and Catlin. Matthew has been at the forefront of the design and overall direction of the OpenUnderwriter suite of products. Matthew is also an active member of the microinsurance community and has been involved in a number of major projects in developing countries across the world.



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