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Ghanaian Insurance Industry Database

The Ghanaian insurance sector is rapidly expanding...

Ghanaian Insurance Industry Database

...however there is limited ability to analyse the risks associated with the markets being covered and the potential losses that could be incurred. Also, products on offer are mainly tailored for the relatively well off, meaning coverage extends to less than 2% of the Ghanaian population.

EA3. Now available in a shop near you

A fortnight has passed since the last release, so it was high time to get another release out with the latest set of fixes and enhancements.

The EA3 release includes two big enhancements along with a collection of smaller fixes. The two big things are the addition of support for multiple PageFlow types and a much enhanced sandpit portlet.

Thank you Atlassian!

A big thank you goes to Atlassian this week for allowing the OpenQuote project to use their OnDemand service absolutely for free!

Atlassian's JIRA and Bamboo have been a mainstay of OpenQuote project development since we outgrew the support that SourceForge offered many years ago. They are both essential and excellent products.

The Diverse Future of PageFlow

Opening up alternative ways for users to communicate with OpenQuote.

Opening up alternative ways for users to communicate with OpenQuote is something we've been giving some thought to lately. While 1.4 had both HTML and XForms support, the reality was pretty much that you could use any markup you wanted as long as it was HTML. In truth, that works fine for most applications, but with our growing focus on Microinsurance we need more flexibility.

Velocity templates... at last.

One of the major changes include in OpenQuote 2.0 is the use of velocity templates to drive the product user interface.

I'm pleased, and not a little relieved, to say that the job is now done. It's been a long haul.

The advantages of implementing UI widgets as velocity templates are enormous in terms of flexibility, especially as it is implemented an intrinsic part of OpenQuote's product structure.


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