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Extended Document Support in OpenUnderwriter 2.1 and the Benefits of Product Structure

Among the other new features and enhancements included in OpenUnderwriter 2.1 is support for an extended set of document types.

As well as quotation documents, which have been supported for some time, the system now generates certificates, wordings, and invoices. Like all product features, document definitions benefit from product inheritance - meaning that each product need only define the ways in which if differs and need not define common elements.

Challenges for Technology in the Microinsurance Sector

The use of new technology is critical for the microinsurance sector, but without reliable data or actuarial capacity, it will be a struggle to design sustainable products.

This article was written for Insurance Day – Issue 4,194 - Monday 22 September 2014.

We live in a world dependent upon technology, we use it every day, at home, in our jobs, it touches everything we do, but rarely do we consider the process and decisions that have gone on behind the scenes to deliver that technology into our lives.

GWT Comes to Play

OpenUnderwriter is delighted to announce the arrival of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) into the project.

We chose GWT to provide a richer and more interactive web UI experience for end users of the OpenUnderwriter product suite. We looked at a few other technologies for the job including JQuery, Vaadin and Yahoo-UI, but in the end GWT won through for us on its cross-browser support, flexible internationalisation, responsiveness and rich features. Plus, being Java based makes it consistent with the rest of the OpenUnderwriter project.

Affordable Technology Platforms

How do you provide affordable technology platforms for mutual and other insurers in the developing world?

This article was written for Insurance Day – Issue 4,115 - Monday 2 June 2014.

The demand for low cost insurance is growing at a phenomenal rate. With enormous potential benefits to both state and consumer, low cost insurance provides a financial safety net to some of the lowest income families around the globe.


At OpenUnderwriter, we have been attracting a lot of interest from the microinsurance market.


The reasons behind this are to do with the benefits open source offers, including the use of best of breed technology combined with no associated licensing fees.

Are we being used?

How can you tell how much your open source software is being used?

One of the questions that haunts many open source projects is How much is the thing we're developing really being used? For commercial software, it's an easy question to answer, you can count the licenses. It's indirect of course - you don't know that someone who owns a license is actually using the system - but it is accurate enough for most especially as it generally relates to income!

OpenQuote becomes OpenUnderwriter

OpenQuote still exists, but it is now a component application within OpenUnderwriter.

There has been something of a hiatus in OpenQuote 2.0 development lately, but the break has allowed us extend the scope of OpenQuote which is something we're very excited about. In fact the scope has been extended to the point where the name "OpenQuote" is now simply too restrictive. So we've renamed the whole project.

Ghanaian Insurance Industry Database

The Ghanaian insurance sector is rapidly expanding...

Ghanaian Insurance Industry Database

...however there is limited ability to analyse the risks associated with the markets being covered and the potential losses that could be incurred. Also, products on offer are mainly tailored for the relatively well off, meaning coverage extends to less than 2% of the Ghanaian population.

EA3. Now available in a shop near you

A fortnight has passed since the last release, so it was high time to get another release out with the latest set of fixes and enhancements.

The EA3 release includes two big enhancements along with a collection of smaller fixes. The two big things are the addition of support for multiple PageFlow types and a much enhanced sandpit portlet.


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